Do you know how old you really are?

We celebrate our birthdays, but do you know how many significant milestones in our lives just pass us by?

Did you have a party to celebrate your Gigasecond anniversary? What about when you were 10 million minutes old or you experienced your 500th month? Did you miss them?

Lifeometer Dashboard Screen

Lifeometer will tell you when those forgotten events will occur and give you more information about your age. Just enter your date of birth and time of birth (if you know it) and Lifeometer will: 

  • Display a configurable 'dashboard' with a mileometer showing your age in the units of your choice and a fuel gauge so you can see how much is 'left in the tank' based on an assumed age of 100 years. 
  • Show you roadsigns to milestones in your life for the next twenty years. 
  • Tell you your precise age in a variety of units, the day of your birth and the time until the next Lifeometer anniversary. 

Lifeometer is available on Android phones and on iPhone.  Lifeometer is free.

 Google Play Link