3-2-1-Sail User Guide


This is the 3-2-1-sail user guide.


Main Time Display  Displays the current counter time in hours, minutes, seconds and tenths.  Displays in red during the countdown phase of the start sequence.
Hold Button Freezes the seconds only display for as long as it is pressed.  When released, the display re-synchronises with the main time display.
Start Button Start the countdown timer.  If the timer has been 'Stopped', then the timer continues from where it was stopped.
Reset Button Stops the timer and resets the time to the start time for the currently selected sequence.
Sync Button Advances the countdown timer to the next starting signal.  Useful if you are following a start sequence and you need to re-synchronise your timer with the official race timer. 
Stop Button Stops the timer.  The timer may be restarted from where it stopped by pressing the Start Button.
Seconds Only Display Displayed after the race starts and gives the elapsed race time in seconds and tenths.  Useful if you are recording the finish times of competitors.  Together with the hold button lets you accurately capture finish times as competitors cross the line.
Sequence Display The currently active start sequence.



Information Message Informs timekeepers of upcoming signal events and approximate time until they will occur.
10 Second Countdown Displayed 10 seconds prior to each signal and synchronised with an audible alert (if selected), this display assists with accurately timing the signal.


Sequence Selector  Selects the active sequence.  Selecting a sequence will reset any sequence currently in progress.
Sound Switch The audible alerts can be switched on or off.
Lead In Switch  A 15 second lead in to each start sequence can be selected to help with accurately sounding the first signal in a start sequence.